Voiceover Artist



I am looking for a male voiceover artist with great American accent for a YouTube channel related to crypto on ongoing basis.


Please record the following text appropriately in your voice:


Look closely! What do we all have in common? No matter what corner of the world you live in, you need food, water, shelter and money. Half of every transaction needs money in exchange for goods or services.

We spend much of our lives chasing money to make a living and accomplish our dreams but can also be an instrument of destruction. Money is a catalyst for the worst and the best in the human endeavor. Before civilization we created currency. If you burn your dollars, your euros and transform every penny you have into ones and zeroes that is crypto-currency, or crypto which is a collection of binary data, designed to work as a medium of exchange. Or you can say, digital payment system that doesn't rely on banks to verify transactions and it is stored in digital wallets. You may be familiar with the most popular versions, Bitcoin and Ethereum, but there are more than 5,000 different cryptocurrencies in circulation.

Send your sample here: malikure2@gmail.com

Organization Greens Media
Industry TV / Films / Production Jobs
Occupational Category Voiceover Artist
Job Location Lahore,Pakistan
Shift Type Morning
Job Type Full Time
Gender Male
Career Level Intermediate
Experience 2 Years
Posted at 2022-01-01 3:24 pm
Expires on 2023-11-02